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“But I didn’t know one person who owned a VCR, the hardware to play a video on, because it was too expensive,” she recalls. Instead of 20lb weights, it’s 10, or eight.” She finds it hard to do yoga. I feel great and I am positive.” Lady Jayne Seymour Fonda was the firstborn child of Henry Fonda and Frances Ford Seymour, a society beauty.She was persuaded, though, and went on to sell an unprecedented 17 million copies of her “Workout Challenge”. “I have a fake knee, I have a fake hip, I’ve got a lot of metal in my back – it’s a field day at the airport. In Hollywood, surrounded by other members of the showbiz elite, Fonda Snr’s fame went unremarked upon.Some have speculated that her increasingly outspoken efforts against the Vietnam War were to blame for her being sidelined in Hollywood in the mid-1970s.Certainly by 1972, and her controversial visit to Vietnam, “Hanoi Jane” was becoming as well known for her anti-war politics as for her acting career.Jane Fonda is explaining, in her clipped, slightly raspy, no-nonsense tone, the liberating benefits of reaching a certain age.

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Written for Netflix by Marta Kaufmann, the co-creator of Friends, the series feels rather less subtle and sophisticated than the streaming service’s recent output such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, or Amazon’s award-winning Transparent.

Her mother, meanwhile, suffered serious mental health issues; by the time the family moved to Connecticut, Frances had been hospitalised several times for depression, and in 1950, she committed suicide.

Henry Fonda persuaded the children’s schoolteachers, classmates, and maternal grandmother to tell them that their mother had died of a heart attack; in fact, she had slit her own throat.

“I really never was.” In fact, she has struggled with her self-image for much of her life, something she blames on her father, the acclaimed actor Henry Fonda. Only later could I look back and say: it had nothing to do with me.

“I grew up being told I was fat by my father,” she says simply. He married five times, and all the women had body issues.

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