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These are just a few ways to find calmness when you are emotionally upset or distressed.

Give them a try and see which ones you like the most, as well as experiment with different self-soothing practices (other than those offered here) so as to discover the ones that work the best for you.

This simple practice will help bring you into the reality of here and now, which in turn will help stop your mind from worrying about what has happened or is going to happen next. Ground yourself by standing barefooted on the Earth, whether that is on dirt, sand or grass, and allow our common mother to harmonize your mind and revitalize your spirit.

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Assaults on US central command, Twitter accounts...

In less than six months, Panama went from having diplomatic relations with and not with China, to signing 19 economic agreements with China - including Panama’s full participation in the Belt and Road Initiative, as a platform for all of Ibero-America to do the same - as well as adhering to the one-China policy.

Jordan Sather provides regular informed analysis of Geopolitical developments on his Youtube channel: Desroying the Illusion Or, consider the breakneck speed at which China-Europe freight train traffic is increasing, where this year 3,000 trains traveling on 57 lines carried more cargo than the last six years combined.

Here are are some simple self-care practices than you can easily do whenever you find yourself upset or in distress, in order to help calm your mind and regain a state of inner harmony: 1.

Pay attention to your breath as it’s slowly coming in and out through your nose, until you feel that your body is relaxed and your consciousness is undisturbed by mental chatter. Slowly sip a warm cup of tea, being mindful of the sensations it arises within your body.

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