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She had never been with more than one man at a time, and not even that many men. She had no idea how many there would be tonight and tomorrow; or how long it would last. He was wearing a dark blue short-sleeved knit shirt that stretched tight across his thick shoulders and light tan linen slacks. She had been to Julian, but not often, and remembered that it took more than an hour. Until just after they turned off the Interstate and the telephone rang. At this very moment men are driving from all points of the compass to fuck your wife. A sensor automatically turned on lights both inside and on a deck as the Lexis came to a stop. She turned and found the one she least wanted to see: Ravi, a small, skinny, twenty-something computer geek from India, who was always staring at her when he thought she wasnt think it was to open the door for her. Pulling into a middle lane, Brad said, Lose the coat. She closed her eyes, opening them again when his hand left her for the steering wheel as he turned onto a gravel driveway, which climbed almost a quarter mile up to what he called a cabin, but was a modern multi-story house. His hands gripped her ass as he rolled onto his back, keeping his cock lodged in her cunt, before moving his hands to each side of her head, fingers twining in cum streaked hair. Cock after cock erupting, then being wiped on her face or in her clotted hair. It was not suntan lotion beneath her fingers, but come.

Yet on the way home from the office, she had stopped and bought bright red polish. Ease of removal, she realized, was likely to become a priority in her choice of attire.t want to be drunk. s almost invariably sunny evenings, and she felt conspicuous in a residential area of houses, other condominiums, apartments, eucalyptus trees, shrubs, grass, with the street looping up and over the ridge on which her building was poised. Maybe it is all a cruel hoax and he is sitting somewhere having a drink and laughing at the image of me standing here. But her fingers moved as though of their own volition to the coat belt, and then to the top button, down to the next, until finally the last was undone and the coat fell open, revealing a narrow strip of white skin. Glazed from the tip of her delicate toes to the top of her beautiful head. it was a small building, fifteen units, three each on five floors, and everyone knew everyone else. The sun was setting behind them, but it was still light as the Lexus reached the top of the on-ramp and merged with traffic heading east on Interstate 8. Forest broken by a few scattered farm houses and cottages in starlight. The prospect was frightening and exciting.t made up her mind, she returned naked to the bathroom and proceeded to shave the stubble from her pussy--no, she thought, cunt as Brad insisted--and from the crack of her ass. She had hoped that none of her neighbors would see her, but she could not pretend not to notice. But when his brown hand reached out and tentatively cupped her breast, she cringed. But coming out with the receipt, his glance passed over Carol, moved on, then returned in a classic double-take. Every minute, minute after minute, hour after hour, as he filled and drained and refilled his glass, helpless, he knew that a cock, cocks, were in her. But after staring for several minutes at that photo of men on his wife like a pride of lions devouring a kill, her kneeing sound echoing in his mind, he opened a bottle of Lagavulin, distilled on a small island off the Scotland coast a world away.s plundered body hazed, but they did not vanish.

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