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As long as the Byzantine (Eastern) Empire, with its seat in Constantinople, dominated the Christian Church, it maintained the balance of power between the bishop of Constantinople and the bishop of Rome.But when it began to crumble, Rome began to assert itself. However, before we can discuss the Crusades and how they impacted the Jews, we must first set the stage and go back in history.

Artemis was the Greek goddess, the virginal huntress and twin of Apollo, who replaced the Titan Selene as Goddess of the Moon.The temple soon attracted merchants, kings, and sightseers, many of donated jewelery and other treasures to Artemis and her temple.Its splendor also attracted many worshippers and pilgrims, strenghtening the cult of Artemis.As an illustration of its immensity, consider that the one remaining column stood an incredible 4m (13 ft.) below the point of the architrave.The site is best appreciated in the summer months, when the marshy waters are at their lowest, and the foundations of previous structures are recognizable.

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