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This episode contains perhaps the most stomach-turning moment in Saved by the Bell, though: Specifically, when Zack and Tori hook up at the end of the episode, and Tori lets loose a small cat noise before locking lips with our blond protagonist. Kelly ends up landing a far-away modeling gig that puts her relationship with Zack on hold, so maybe Zack learned a lesson about being a bit of a creep? The moment only lasts a second, but the revolting awkwardness lingers for what feels like hours. "Model Students" (Episode 26) After wrangling the school store from a cabal of "geeks," Zack schemes to boost profits by publishing a calendar showcasing Kelly, Lisa, and Jessie in their bathing suits — that is, using photos taken without their permission. Probably not, since Kelly returns in the next episode (Saved by the Bell didn't care much for story arcs — a net gain, granted, for its future in syndication). "From Nurse to Worse" (Episode 32) Siblings come and go in Saved by the Bell, so the opening minutes of this episode include an off-camera introduction to Kelly's younger brother Kyle, who suspiciously sounds like Seinfeld's "Bubble Boy." This episode also features the intermittently humorous return of Bayside's hearing-impaired teacher Ms. Carosi bets the rival resort owner that the opposing team will lose, Zack bets Mr. this gets, uh, confusing, but not as confusing as Zack's terrible nickname for Mr. At this point during the infamous "Malibu Sands" arc, where the gang spends part of their summer working at a beach resort, the plotlines have become so unimaginably stale (even for this show) that it practically has the audience begging to return to Bayside. "Save That Tiger" (Episode 16) Much like purgatory, Saved by the Bell is most effective as an isolated entity, its characters trapped in a scenario they're doomed to repeat, day after day.So this season-one finale — in which we get a taste of Bayside's rivalry with the nearby Valley school, complete with lunkheaded students and a prank-happy principal — feels alien and unnecessary.Even a light kidnapping subplot (#Save Screech) can't add friction to this failed experiment in expanding the show's universe. "Breaking Up Is Hard to Undo" (Episode 33) Everyone breaks up! Sorry, guys — this is Saved by the Bell, not My So-Called Life.These characters are practically immune to misfortune. "Jessie's Song" (Episode 29) Come on, you knew this was going to be No. In a show where the protagonists' threat level barely breached "pop quiz," "Jessie's Song" is an instant classic of overwrought melodrama, as Jessie's overachieving ways take her to the brink when she develops a caffeine dependency. Hold your applause (and laughter) for the forever-iconic "I'm so … For the next few weeks, Vulture is holding a High-School-TV Showdown to determine the greatest teen show of the past 30 years.

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Syndication in a pre-streaming era deserves a bit of credit for this unlikely feat, as endless early-morning and late-afternoon airings on TBS in the late '90s provided plenty of palatable entertainment for breakfast TV sessions and latchkey-kid hangs alike.Also, we've numbered the episodes by air date — Saved by the Bell, for whatever reason, initially aired out of order and with little to no regard for continuity, so discerning episode numbers in any other fashion gets messy. "King of the Hill" (Episode 14) Zack Morris starts the first day of school and — wait, why is the 14th episode of Saved by the Bell introducing us to its main characters?This episode was meant to be Saved by the Bell's pilot, but inexplicably aired out of order on NBC, specifically as the second-to-last episode of the show's first season.Simpson, as well as a particularly painful flu shot administered to Mr. "The Game" (Episode 38) In this prequel to the classic David Fincher thriller … Anyway: the "Malibu Sands" arc continues apace with — what else? Belding that, in 2015, might be mistaken as anti-vaccine propaganda (just kidding!

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