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and uses them to get an inside edge on almost every other fisherman on the water.)Fisherman #2: "Pastor" Dave Pistagnesi (This guy has been slammin' walleye for 45 years, and has developed a system for catching his limit by 10am almost every single time!The "Pastor" is a family man, which is why he's discovered how to haul 'em in fast...He's discovered a process for accurately predicting walleye hotbeds under the ice...triggering strikes with unique "fluttering" presentations.)Fisherman #11: Carl "The Canadian Walleye Warrior" Case (His favorite old school secrets work best for trolling...for others it was being in a large family, with low income.Fisherman #1: Joel "Sneaky" Janssen (He's been "fine tuning" his sneaky biological walleye fishing secrets his whole life...You’ll do almost anything to put a free meal on the table...

For some it was growing up in the Great Depression or World War II...which is why he's got the inside edge after years of experimentation.)Fisherman #12: Rick "The Worm Wrangler" Thompson (His dad taught him every walleye trolling secret in the book... His secrets include modified jigs, baits and killer worm harnesses that "clean house" on walleye...) I’m not talking about the stuff you’ll read in the latest “professional walleye fishing guide”.I’m talking about the old school secrets, passed from generation to generation… Each one tested, each one proven to work by putting enough fish on the table to feed the whole family... For this idea to work, I had to get each of these guys on the phone.) A monster walleye slamming “recipe” Joel uses to haul in trophy sized 29-inch monsters, while his buddies are struggling to catch 15-inch keepers!(Joel will detail every piece of this brilliant recipe including the conditions, location of his casts, and the very specific "super-bait" he uses!

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