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Then I noticed the woman nudge her partner and gesture in my direction, he whispered something to her and now they were both looking over smiling and occasionally giggling with each other.

She got up and passed me on her way to the bathroom and gave me a massive wink.

She was lonely and getting the first rush of horniness back after having a baby.

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His wife has been active on and off for over 10 years.Now I was thinking they were friends and she was asking her friend his opinion of me, so I felt a bit more comfortable and gave her a few smiles back when she got back to her table. She then put her hand under the table and started rubbing my cock through my jeans.She was quite good looking, fairly mature, but very sexy with it. Just when I was thinking I might go over and start a conversation I saw her rise and come over to me and sit down beside me. I was amazed and looked round to see if anyone was watching.Candi found herself getting really turned on by women, something she never had experienced or even thought about before.Well, before they knew it, they had found a girl that was just as willing and they would meet for little ‘visits” every week. It began with kissing, and playing and maybe a little girl on girl fingering, but after about 2 weeks, Candi was ready.

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