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In 1992, activists were successful in getting New York state to allow women to go topless.

Free the Nipple claims that toplessness is legal in 13 states, though the organization Go Topless puts the number at 33.

Correction Appended: May 9, 2013I am about to do what old people have done throughout history: call those younger than me lazy, entitled, selfish and shallow. Millennials got so many participation trophies growing up that a recent study showed that 40% believe they should be promoted every two years, regardless of performance.

Here's the cold, hard data: The incidence of narcissistic personality disorder is nearly three times as high for people in their 20s as for the generation that's now 65 or older, according to the National Institutes of Health; 58% more college students scored higher on a narcissism scale in 2009 than in 1982.

“Being topless is what we had to do start a real dialogue about equality.

This is not about being topless; this about equality, it’s about having that choice.

They are using their bodies consciously and explicitly to advance a cause.

There’s a difference between Willis striding confidently down the street or the film’s activists wearing masks and protesting in Times Square and the way breasts are often used in advertising.

It has also inspired pointed albeit tongue-in-cheek projects like the Ta Ta Top, a bikini designed to give women the look and feel of being topless while still being technically clothed.Breastfeeding is a separate but related issue where breasts have come under fire.But even defenses of breastfeeding in public or posting photos of breastfeeding expose the problematic assumptions that women’s breasts shouldn’t be seen.It can be a murky legal area, because even where it’s legal, women can and do still get arrested.Last year, New York City police were even given a memo reminding them of the letter of the law.

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